Our People

Welcome to our Team 

We would like to welcome you to our team at Canterbury Guiding Co.
As proud Owner/ Operators  for coming up to our 4th Season now. John’s history in Business and Fiona’s vast experience and being with the Company from it early days of 2012,  enables us to be the the driving force behind our company culture.
We believe in guiding our guests in a authentic more meaningful, insightful and connected way – in the various facets of life, South Island and our Country.  You won’t just take away a stamp in your passport
                       –  but leave feeling like you have made a new friends in us in New Zealand.  
We are proud of our team and their passion in hosting here in NZ and we all look forward to your arrival.  

Photo: Fi & John  Mt Cook, NZ

The Guides:

Fiona Newsome

A born and bred local from Canterbury, Fiona found her wings at an early age. 10 years experiencing in guiding throughout New Zealand  She may have traveled the world exploring and gaining the worldly insight, but on her return realising just what New Zealand had to offer the rest of the world.  Her passion and enthusiasm for New Zealand, it’s land, people and culture now has her helping others experience the diversity of all that New Zealand holds.
Equipped with a genuine sensitivity for others, she is also quick to find humor and delight in everyday life. Fiona’s warm personality and travel experiences with many cultures throughout the world helps her naturally build great rapport with our clients. People feel extremely comfortable with Fiona.
Cycle touring and mountain biking helps Fiona stay fit and connected to the beauty of Canterbury and the wider South Island.

John Ellis

Outside of Johns love for the Island life of  the Cook Islands he will be found engaging clients interest into many aspects of New Zealand Culture and everyday life workings of our nation. 
Being a from a 5th generation of  Cantabrian he will bring you in touch with many aspects of  our Canterbury region. 
John has had been in business for himself  for over 25 years, now bringing his knowledge, enthusiasm and love for his Island and Country to all he meets.  He can also be found being towed with enthusiasm on a ski behind his Bay liner Boat on the odd day in summer on one of the great lakes in the South island.

Andrea Frewen

The outstanding lifestyle opportunities offered by Christchurch brought Andrea home after long stints offshore, searching for the best food on the planet. Having the South Island as the backdrop to her childhood ingrained Andrea with a great passion and knowledge she now loves sharing with guests. Her enthusiasm for food, people and culture was fostered by her family’s quest to enjoy the best of New Zealand’s fresh bounty. This resulted in Andrea enjoying a professional career that has included establishing and managing restaurants, marketing and product development for artisan food producers, as well as executing a variety of events for corporates, governments and VIPs. Andrea particularly enjoys providing her insights on the idiosyncrasies of New Zealand life. 

Ross Falloon

Ross brings you the knowledge and connection that he possesses  from his home region of  Canterbury South Island of New Zealand.  In his earlier days Ross was lured into the respectable profession of the NZ Police Force and then moved onto the world of Finance for his second life. His third life choice is to show people the best of his Island, his . So Ross knows a thing or two. In addition to his caring nature, Ross knows how to help people  connect to the environment they are touring and  his passion for the West Coast of the South Island is second to none.